Emma (Feet that fly)

Her skin is the color of the earth and she has Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows. She is a born communicator and bears the soul of an artist. Born and raised in northern Mexico by Martin and la Tia (“the Auntie”), she grew up with a deep love for indigenous cultures. From her mother, she inherited her addiction to travels, her adventurous temperament and her stubbornness. Journalist amateur because of a certain Duck, what she likes most is to tell love stories. Her filmmaker genes have led her to explore the audiovisual world, a direction she would like to point her career toward. Already a dancer in her mother’s womb, she became a poet years later and visited half of the world dancing Mexican folklore…

She’s begun practicing aerial arts and would like to learn the rhythms of the Big America.

She likes to work with children using film, dance, theater and poetry.

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