Gerardo (The Ducky Che)

Neither from here nor from there: in Mexico they call him “Che” in Argentina “The Mexican”. His nickname, “El Pato Che” (“Ducky Che”), was chosen by the children of San Miguel, a summer night in the middle of the Chiapas jungle. He gladly accepted it, because the animal perfectly describes his demeanor (wherever he goes, he spoils something) and the (new) man reminds him of his constant search for congruence. He blames his sister for his dying love of writing and his mother for transmitting the journalism bug (which also spread to half of the family)…

He has written a bit of everything: politics, business, investigations, but he would rather write travel chronicles as they remind him of his adventures around the globe. He likes saying that he works for the Dark Side during the day, and against it at night.

He dreams of becoming a documentary filmmaker and full-time activist.

He lost his accent and nationalism who knows where, but he feels proud to be Latin-American and a little bit of a citizen of the world. He is a lifelong nomad who dreams of a sedentary lifestyle, whose roots have, so far, never found ground strong enough to hold him in one place.

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