José (Mihi Suami)

He loves navigating the human psyche as much as traveling. Of a meditative mood, his silence speaks louder than his words. He dances occasionally but walks stoically and steadily. As a true fan of old-fashioned Mexican wrestling matches, his idol is Blue Demon. He shows a true sense of patience which can be frustrating for the fast-paced ones. Those seeking peace and tranquility of mind will find in him great encouragement. He is interested in learning about mass psychology and dreams of writing his thesis while traveling throughout the continent….

He’s a devoted collector of the rarest souvenirs from all over the globe. From his hat, he always pulls out a deadly joke and an infectious smile.

He believes in Jah’s providence and Buddha’s teachings, but he doesn’t consider himself a religious person. He is docile in the art of listening and skillful in handling complex situations.

His Babylonian weakness: double chocolate “Gansitos” (sweet creamy mexican cakes).

The first part of his nickname is in memory of his family (“mi hijo” means “my son” in spanish) while the second shows his eternal companionship (“mi amigo” means “my friend”). He enjoys observing the skies and is a beginner in cosmos exploration.

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