Another world is possible

We dream about a better world and we want to do our bit to build it through art and communication.

Our goal is to find people and organizations working in search of alternatives to the current consumption system, which has proven to be unsustainable from the ecological, human, and economic point of view. We want to shake their hands, learn from them, and make their achievements and desires public.

We will travel through the open veins of the continent in order to see which ones are still bleeding, which ones are healing, and how we can prevent more of them from opening.

We believe the key is to go back to the roots, and to recover our lost connection with nature. That is why we visit aboriginal communities, so as to learn from our ancestors and contribute to treasure their knowledge.

We seek to share information and put forward debates that help us understand what the obstacles holding evolution are, be it in the academic circles of large cities or the dirt roads of the most distant towns.

In a few words, as put by writer Eduardo Galeano, we are chasing a utopia much like the horizon: we will never be able to reach it, but it keeps us constantly moving in its direction.



The original idea

The initial objective was to document a tour from the planet’s North Pole to the South Pole. Therefore the name of the project, although with time the idea matured toward a more socio-anthropological level. The desire to reach both ends of the planet is still there, but it is not disrupting. The important thing is not to get there, but to walk, to stay, to share…

The journalistic project

We want to make use of our journalistic and psychosocial knowledge, in order to mix theory with creativity. We believe in the power of information as a development tool and we use it for non-profit purposes.



In search of the roots

From our experience in Mexican indigenous communities, we know the risk of extinction the native people’s cultural baggage is in. That is why we document their stories, languages, and traditions.



SOS Children’s Villages

In 2007 we met Alejandro López Jamerboi, who traveled from Alaska to Argentina in 44 months, on a bicycle. He found a way to give more meaning to his journey in the SOS Children’s Villages. The labor this NGO does for children in risk situations is inspiring, and we want the whole world to know it.


The Venus Project

Another personality who inspires us isJacque Fresco and his Venus project. Fresco has worked most of his life designing an alternative, sustainable, intelligent society. He promotes the need for a resource based economy, that allows to make use of technology’s full potential in order to meet all human needs in harmony with the planet. Science over politics as a first step to evolution.


Sharing art

We believe that art, in any of its forms, is a way to draw people closer. That is why we wish to share our artistic skills along the road, to take some of the riches in Mexican folklore and our first steps in circus acrobatics to the children of the continent. To share, learn, understand, and pass it on.


CS on wheels

In order to give back a little of what Couch Surfing has given to us, the doors of our mobile home are open to travelers from the altruistic community, who remind us that not everything is money. Surfers of America: stand by for us!



A free society

We try to reveal the contradictions of Copyright and promote the Creative Commons, el Copyleft and Fair Use. We are inspired on the Manifiesto Remix.