Your support

“Polo a Polo” is a non-profit project, but if you wish to help us and receive in exchange whatever it is we can offer, here are some ways to do it:


We have been members of the beautiful Couch Surfing community for some years now (since, in its beginning, it too was a non-profit organization). Thanks to it and others, like Hospitality Club and Bewelcome,we have bonded with many people. During the trip, we will certainly need hosting, but the most important thing remains sharing a moment together. If you are interested in meeting us, please contact us. Besides, our motorhome will always be open! View our profiles here: Che, Beba, Mihi, Barbón.


“Adelita” will undoubtedly be able to cross the whole continent, but she certainly will need repairs and other services. If you are into mechanics, own a garage or have ideas on how to remodel and upgrade her, please contact us. We are also looking for “Ramona,” a Westfalia we have been dreaming of for a long time. Funding and information are welcome.


Audiovisual resources

As of now, we own a varied but modest equipment: Canon XA10, Nikon D40, Canon G12. Investment in new equipment and accessories is necessary. We are interested in a DSLR camera (photo and video), like a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Nikon D800, Nikon 3200 or Sony Alpha SLT-A57. We will also need a GoPro,  the world’s most versatile camera. Any accessory for these cameras, hard drives, SD memory cards or any support you want to give to buy this equipment is tremendously welcome. In exchange, we will create a product that is worth sharing.

Internet and GPS

We have several MacBook Pro 2011 computers to stay connected and work on the editing process; nevertheless, in order to be up-to-date, we would like to acquire a satellite phone with internet access from every corner of the planet. Also, a GPS and maps for satellite position devices would make our life easier.

Energy at movement

Our biggest challenge is in the way we feed our work and daily life.  An even bigger one is to make sure it happens in a sustainable and reusable way. This is the reason why we are looking for portable solar-powered systems. We also wish to change Adelita’s engine into something more eco-friendly, using cooking oil as fuel, for example.  Equipment and ideas are as usual more than welcome.

Independent media

If you own or work for independent media, you can count on us to send you chronicles, anecdotes, articles, interviews (written, visual and/or with sound). La Beba and El Pato Che are journalists having the support of two great psychologists, Mihi and El Barbón.